Suburgatory Casting Spoilers: Guess Who’s Playing Tessa’s Mom?

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November 15, 2012

Suburgatory is yet to introduce Tessa’s long-lost mother this season, TV Guide confirms.

Tessa may not be seen as a sentimental person in Chatswin but deep inside, we all know how much she longs to have a mother by her side. After spending her summer in her grandma’s house in her hometown NY, things are definitely looking up for the bubbly Altman. Her mother, whom she haven’t since forever, is now making an appearance!

Swedish actress, Malin Akerman was tapped by the ABC sitcom to portray the role of Tessa’s mother named Alex. She will emerge on the Thanksgiving episode in season 2 titled “The Wishbone” and will recur 2 weeks later on “Krampus”.

Are you stoked to see Tessa’s mommy?

‘Suburgatory’ airs every Wednesday on ABC.