Suburgatory Spoilers: Who’s The Next Emily Thorne in Chatswin?

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April 12, 2013

Dalia_RoyceTessa Altman is planning to go rogue.. on Dahlia Royce! But just as we thought that she’s the only person from Chatswin plotting a scheme, I learned that Noah Warner is on the works of being Suburgatory’s vindictive, Emily Thorne. Sounds ‘TOTES’ exciting!

More from E! Online below:

Suburgatory is about to go all Revenge on us, and the one who will be wielding the red sharpie is Noah! “I just left my wife for Carmen, my nanny. And then Carmen didn’t want me and she got together with my therapist, who I was seeing to help get over my wife and to figure out how to get with Carmen. It’s a mess,” Alan Tudyk tells us. “So now I’m going to take revenge on my therapist. I’m plotting that now.” Look out, Emily Thorne!

What do you think of Noah sporting as the new Emily Thorne?