Suburgatory Spoilers: Old Faces To Return, Dalia's New Romance and More!

Suburgatory Spoilers: Old Faces To Return, Dalia's New Romance and More!

JEREMY SISTO, JANE LEVYOn the third season opener of Suburgatory (aired Jan. 15), it is palpable that the funny ensemble was incomplete due the absence of Ryan Shay (Parker Young), Noah (Alan Tudyk) and Mr. Wolf (Rex Lee).

But in spite of that, the half-hour comedy was still able to offer a few laughs. Especially when Dalia unapologetically hired their accountants to twerk infront of her. A little creepy, but definitely hilarious for the eccentric Chatswin teenager.

The dynamic between George and Tessa was also still present. The Shay's came back still bizarre as ever and Dallas was surprisngly, subdued. I'm assuming ofcourse that that is because of her recent breakup with George.

All in all, Suburgatory's characters remain to be intact. As long as that this season progress with their cast not facing another shakeup, I'm hopeful that the current season will fare on the bright side.

Speaking of bright side, let me now offer you with the latest spoilers abound on the midseason comedy. And guess what, looks like we won't be missing our old Chatswin denizens forever, some of them will pop up again on the show very soon! We've learned this from the show's boss Emily Kapnek who chatted with reporters at the recent TCA press tour via EW.

Kapnek made fans happy for not being mum, she sure offered lots of spoilers! Keep reading for the details:

Alan Tudyk WILL be back. Tudyk’s Noah is among the cast members who were scaled back this season, but creator Emily Kapnek assures he will be back for three episodes. “The show is a little bit leaner up here,” she said, referencing the budget cuts that hit the comedy, leading to cast shifting. “…I’m looking forward to you guys seeing the episode because it’s funny.” At the end of last season, Noah’s life fell into shambles and this season, we will find him in a “mental health institution,” according to Jeremy Sisto (who plays George). “We do get to focus a little bit more on our existing characters because we were scaled back a little. So we go deeper into their backstories.”

Parker Young will ALSO be back. Young, who currently stars on Fox’s new show Enlisted, was able to return for three episodes. (Young even had a day where he filmed both shows at one time!) “We found a way to bring him back and revisit what’s there and not there between [Ryan and Tessa],” says Co-EP Andrew Guest.

Dalia’s new romance. “She has an older man in her life who we stumble upon,” teases Kapnek. And yes, she said man. After seeing Dalia crushing on a girl last season, the writers said they’re not looking to place the character in one category. “We don’t think Dalia would feel like she should be labeled one way or another,” says Guest. “One of the things we liked about doing that storyline was that we didn’t think Dalia cared that the person she had a crush on in that moment was girl…her sex life takes an interesting turn this season in terms of what she’s looking for.”

Dallas in “crisis.” “This season, Dallas is mad at George because she broke up with him but she doesn’t want to see him with anyone else so she’s struggling with that,” says Hines. Meanwhile, a matchmaker will give Dallas some wise advice that will force her to do some self-refection. “I think Dallas is going through a crisis — a real identity crisis — this season,” adds Sisto.

The Shay’s new addition. With their son away (and their daughter ever neglected), Fred (Chris Parnell) and Sheila adopt a child named Victor (Bryson Barretto) who will become a quick partner in crime for Fred. “It’s very cute to see [Fred] explain how to deal with women to this little creature who’s very interested,” says Kapnek. “It’s fun for Fred to have a little boy again,” Parnell adds.

Dallas goes home! Cheryl Hines’s wacky Dallas will head south to visit her hometown in an upcoming episode and “we get to meet their beloved family members, Georgia, Savannah and Sunset,” says Kapnek.

Suburgatory airs every Wednesday on ABC.