Suburgatory Season 3 Spoilers: Ryan Shay Is Back, And He’s Not Alone!

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August 20, 2013

Ryan (1) shay

Sad news Ryan/Tessa shippers!

We just learned a spoiler that’s totally heartbreaking. I guess it’s inevitable to find a new girl when hot dudes such as Ryan Shay go to college. Tsk.

Ready for the scoop? Here’s what’s ahead for the former Chatswin lovebirds when season 3 of Suburgatory returns midseason on ABC:

Ryan’s back…and he’s not alone! Tessa’s ex returns in episode 3 and brings his new girlfriend June back with him, a girlfriend who is alarmingly similar to Tessa in every way. And yes, Tessa gets totally jealous. In the same episode, we’ll also meet George’s father Emmett, who comes to town after Tessa calls him concerned about her dad’s post-breakup funk.

Are you sad that Ryan’s got a new gf?

  • Lauren

    I liked Ryan with Tessa!! He was good for her and she was really good for him. I love how Tessa brings out a layer in Ryan she hadn’t seen before like when Ryan understood the French foreign film and Tessa was clueless for the first time. He surprises her, which is so sweet. And I love how Ryan gives Tessa something that everyone sees is missing in her ever so adult-like thoughts, he brings out the kid in her. It’s obvious Tessa grew up way faster than most kids and being reminded she’s a kid and needs to enjoy that and embrace it while she has it is very sweet of Ryan to remind her it’s ok to just enjoy a moment.

  • Sammi

    i think it’s just a replacement of Tessa and a way to make her jealous after she left Ryan alone in the bathroom stall. Once they are left together they won’t be able to keep their hands off each other.