Suburgatory Season 3 Spoilers: Meet Tessa’s Grandpa!

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August 22, 2013


George’s father is on his way to Chatswin on the upcoming third season of Suburgatory.

TV Line has learned that the midseason comedy has tapped Dexter actor Geoff Pierson to play the role of Jeremy Sisto‘s onscreen dad.

“Newly single George has let himself go. He’s not taking the same pride in his appearance that he was while he was dating Dallas,” explains executive producer Emily Kapnek. “Tessa gets concerned and winds up reaching out to George’s dad, who he’s not in great contact with.”

The elder Mr. Altman “comes to pay a house visit and check on George,” adds Kapnek. “He wants to make sure George is not completely deteriorating in front of his kid. It’s a really fun episode.”

Are you excited to meet Tessa’s grandpa?