Suburgatory Episode 10 “Driving Miss Dalia” Casting Calls

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October 10, 2011

Actors Help has shared some casting calls for Suburgatory episode 10, which is titled “Driving Miss Dalia”.

First one’s named Walter, who’s 40 years old. He’s described as WASPy, wealthy member of the country club. He is voting in the board meeting on whether or not to let George become a member of the club. Role is possibly recurring.

Other role is another male, 18 or older to play teens. He is an effeminate employee at the yogurt store. Co-star.

  • Darci

    What a great way to bring to the series back…this may have been my favorite episode since the pilot, I love the back and forth between Tessa and Dalia. Loved the Scott dynamic, and I seriously laughed out loud when Tessa rear ended him and also the subsequent “Tessa, you just banged Scott Strauss” hahaa. Also, so happy to hear “Hey You” by Pigeon John during that scene, what a great song. Can’t wait for tonight’s episode!