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Star-Crossed Episode 4 "And Left no Friendly Drop" Guide

Star-Crossed Episode 4 "And Left no Friendly Drop" Guide

star crossedThe CW has released the official guide of Star Crossed episode 4 "And Left no Friendly Drop". This episode is slated to air on Monday, March 10 at 8PM ET.


  • Roman (Matt Lanter) is furious when the sector guards ransack his family’s pod looking for restricted technology.
  • However, he is taken aback when his mother (guest star Susan Walters) shows him a secret cell phone she found hidden in his late father’s things.
  • Roman takes the phone to school in hopes of retrieving the data and finding out what his father was hiding. Turning to a friend he trusts, Roman asks Julia (Malese Jow) for help and she introduces him to Lukas (Titus Makin, Jr.), a tech genius.
  • Emery (Aimee Teegarden) notices Roman’s newfound closeness to Julia, but since Julia had promised to keep Roman’s secret, she deflects Emery’s questions, causing tensions between the friends.
  • Grayson (Grey Damon) asks Emery to forgive him for the incident at the sector, but she’s not sure she can trust him.
  • Meanwhile, with Emery’s encouragement, and under Teri’s (Chelsea Gilligan) watchful eye, Sophia (guest star Brina Palencia) decides to join the swim team and blows everyone away with her speed.
  • Unfortunately, not everyone is thrilled to have Brina on the team and when she is poisoned by rivals, an all-out brawl ensues.
  • The Trags give Drake (Greg Finley) a mission.

Harry Sinclair directed the episode written by Robert Hewitt Wolfe (#104).

Source: CW