Sponsored Post Policy

May 21, 2012

Although we only accept TV and entertainment based editorials that are relevant to our user demographics we do realize that sponsored articles can be a bit annoying, off topic or perhaps all together not interesting. But please understand that we have to finance ourselves to keep running. While there are a ads located throughout the site, those don’t always pay our bills, so as a result we have to find other way to monetize the traffic (you) that arrives at our door step. We hope that you can find some room in your heart to understand this and if need be forgive us for what might seem like “selling out”.

Also, if you can, keep in mind that by no means do you have to read the content, we’ll always tell you when it’s a sponsored post, and Spoilers Guide will always remain free and 100% focused on producing the best TV content for you.

If you wish to coment on this policy or inquire about the sponsored editorials contact us.

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