Smash Spoilers: Will Uma Thurman be the next Marilyn?

Smash Spoilers: Will Uma Thurman be the next Marilyn?

One season, fifteen soon-to-be-aired episodes, three potential Marilyn, one role. Quite the puzzle!

In Smash Episode 2 "Callbacks", we finally got the answer to the question that was on everybody's mind; who would land the part of Marilyn ? The lucky girl is Ivy Lynn (Megan Hilty)! ...But for how long?

Many fans and adorers of Katharine McPhee are already questioning this choice and rooting for their star, especially when you know that there will be plenty of twists and turns in the episodes to come . However, maybe Ivy shouldn't be so scared of losing the part to Karen, but rather... to movie star Uma Thurman (set to guest star in April)!

The latter will come and play - you will never guess - a movie  star (!) who comes and lands a "major role" in the musical. My little finger tells me she would love to wear the white puffy dress and sing Happy Birthday to the president...

What do you think? Should Karen have landed the part? Will Uma be the one to play Norma Jean after all? Who would make the best Marilyn?

Source: E! Online