Smash Episode 4 “The Cost of Art” Spoilers

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February 21, 2012

Check out new spoilers for Smash episode 4 “The Cost of Art” airing next Monday!

  • Ivy and Derek continue to hook up, though Ivy worries that it’s more business than pleasure.
  • Eileen does her little drink in the face routine. Two more times.
  • Derek invites Karen to drinks and tells her: “There’s a lot of changes coming fast” before saying she’s got too much talent for the ensemble. He then utters what might be the most frustrating line of the night: “It could take five years for Marilyn to get to the stage, and a lot can happen in five years.” Can you lay it on a little thicker? (You can, and he does in the next episode.)
  • Dev and Derek meet and have a British-off, Oxford vs. Cambridge
  • Ellis continues to be super sketchy, going so far as to steal Julia’s notebook. Oh and supposedly he’s straight. Right. And he gets super sassy with Julia. And he overhears Julia telling Tom about her affair with Michael. Ellis knows all!
  • Julia and Tom can’t stop obsessing over Marilyn and Joe DiMaggio wanting a simple life. There’s a musical number there, but it’s not amazing. I’d be OK if it’s one of those we never see again.
  • Karen’s friends in Iowa are horrible, one-note characters who all call her “Broadway,” and they convince her to sing Gretchen Wilson’s “Redneck Woman,” barefoot in a karaoke bar. (Seriously why is she barefoot?) And that’s one of only two numbers for the night. Sad.
  • Karen’s dad gives her money, so if she quits that coffee shop gig entirely, that’s how she’s living off the $200 a week from the “Marilyn: The Musical” workshop.

Source: HuffPost TV