Who’s Really After The Circle, Plus Cassie Will Explore Her Father’s Family

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October 19, 2011

According to The Secret Circle EP Andrew Miller, it’s not only demon snakes after the Circle’s powers. Miller also spoiled that Cassie will soon delve into her mysterious father’s side of the family.

It’s not just demon snakes who are trying to slither their way into the coven — and if you listen very closely, there’s a hint at who’s really behind this mess in this week’s episode. In possibly related news, Cassie will begin to look into the missing side of her family. “She’s been mother-obsessed because her mother so recently passed away and it’s so shaken her world, but she doesn’t know very much about her father, for reasons she doesn’t entirely understand,” executive producer Andrew Miller tells us. Look for Cassie to start investigating her dad’s side of the family tree very soon.

Source: TV Guide