Thomas Dekker Spills Cassie/Adam/Diana Love Triangle Deets

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October 8, 2011

Wetpaint got Thomas Dekker~Adam of The Secret Circle to spill a few deets about his character’s love triangle. Dekker reveals that the dynamic is far from one dimensional.

  • Laurenmansley

    i love the way they are presenting the triangle and how dana and adam are really in love.  I hope that they don’t write adam and cassie being romantically involved until adam and dana break up for the following reason:
    I feel like the adam and dana breakup will be extremely emotional, and adam will really have to take the time to get over it before he gets with cassie.  And given the time that adam needs before he gets with cassie, i think the adam and cassie relationship will be so much more powerful and “heated” (hahah if that makes sense) because adam is choosing to be with her instead of just being with her because he can’t stay away.  I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS.