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'The Secret Circle' Episode 17 "Cursed" Spoilers: The Other Balcoin Child, Plus The Curse Explained

'The Secret Circle' Episode 17 "Cursed" Spoilers: The Other Balcoin Child, Plus The Curse Explained

The Secret Circle's plot has grown increasingly deeper in their Freshman season. It was revealed several episode's back that another, illegitimate Balcoin offspring existed. There have been hints and teases, but the true identity of he other Balcoin child. In this past week's episode, "Lucky", Adam and Cassie unknowingly activated a centuries old curse. This week's episode of TSC, "Cursed", will be a game changer and according to sources who have pre-screened this week's installment, a lot will be revealed and teased for the remainder of Season 1.

Warning: There are major spoilers ahead, so don't read unless you want to be spoiled.

There will be a scene in this week's episode "Cursed", where Blackwell and Melissa interact and bond at his old house. Blackwell was very fond of Melissa's mother and she reminds him of her, especially with her knowledge of herbs.

Adam and Cassie did activate the curse when the two finally gave into their undeniable attraction. However, the circle will pay the price if something is not done to counteract it.

Because Adam and Cassie have activated the curse and are the heart of it, someone could die in the circle, specifically Jake. They will discover a potion to counteract the curse in Amelia's book of shadows and it has to be drank by Adam and Cassie. It will stop the curse from claiming Jake's life, but the price will be Adam and Cassie's love for each other. However, something goes wrong and only Adam will forget his feelings, leaving Cassie alone and heartbroken.

Could Melissa be the other Balcoin child? Where will this leave Adam and Cassie and how will Cassie move on with her feelings for Adam still very much present? I want to know what you think, so hit the comment below with your thoughts, speculations and theories :D

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