‘The Secret Circle’ Spoilers: Gale Harold Teases Final 4 Episodes!

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April 19, 2012

The Secret Circle’s Gale Harold spoiled to EW about tonight’s return episode, “Crystal”, and what he refers to as a ‘mad dash’ to the season finale May 10th. He promises a definitely change in Charles’ behavior and teases an intense build for himself and Blackwell in the final four episodes of TSC’s freshman season!

“It’s sort of like a mad dash to the end of the season,” Harold says of tonight’s episode. “In terms of what could happen, it depends on who gets their hands on what, who can assemble the crystals and who is going to have those under their control.” Gale goes on tease Blackwell’s motives, “He’s[Blackwell] hunting for something that’s underneath everything and if he can get it, that’s going to wreak havoc. There’s no way around that. He’s got to do it — and he will do it — in a way that leads [Cassie] to trust him.”

Harold also teased some of the dark backstory fans will see that lead himself and Dawn to mistrust Blackwell.

“They’ve been trying for years to get over that and now that he’s back, it couldn’t be a worst time. They’re dealing with their children — the next generation — and what this circle means and how they can use it as a way to survive. But, also, they’re trying to stay away from the seduction of power,” he says. “Then, Blackwell comes back into it and all bets are off. Everything that was planned or considered to be on the table has changed. So for Charles, it’s a panic attack. It’s do or die. You have to do something and if you don’t you’re going to get run over,” he says. “Up to this point, Charles has been kind of lurking on the fringe. He hasn’t really been able to address any of this because he can’t. He had to keep everything hidden. When Blackwell comes back in, all those routes are closed off. There’s nothing else he can do. He has to either destroy him, destroy himself or destroy everyone else.”