Spoiler Round-up With 'The Secret Circle'

Thomas Dekker and Phoebe Tonkin spoil about a possible rift coming between Adam and Diana.

"What works about them [Diana & Adam] and what's not working about them," Dekker says. "Diana is starting to lose faith in what we're about." Faye~Phoebe Tonkin is sick of playing second fiddle to Diana, the current leader of the coven. "The thought that maybe Diana could get dumped is a little exciting for Faye," Tonkin says.

The Futon Critic also interviewed part of the Circle about what's coming up as season 1 unfolds on The Secret Circle. Shelley Hennig, Thomas Dekker, Britt Robinson and Phoebe Tonkin spoil on everthing from love triangles to out of control witchcraft, plus much more.

Source: TV Guide