'The Secret Circle' Spoiler Round-up with Fresh Scoop From Kevin, Thomas, Gale & Natasha

'The Secret Circle' Spoiler Round-up with Fresh Scoop From Kevin, Thomas, Gale & Natasha

The Secret Circle is set to premiere September 15th, along side The Vampire Diaries. TSC Co-writer Kevin Williamson promises a three generation storyline, going all the way back to the grand-witches of the newly completely younger circle.

"The themes will get very adult, very fast. The pilot starts with the teenagers being pretty suspicious of what their parents are up to, but as the season goes on and the episodes [unfold], they come to understand a lot more than they expected to." Williamson gos on to say, "Witchcraft is really just the backdrop for all of those normal, typical teenage angst situations. It's romance; there are a lot of twists and turns...We have to take that triangle, get to know them a bit better, and find out exactly what is written in the stars."

We'll get to see the tragedy 16 years ago that caused the coven to abandon magic and how fate and lineage determines the children's pairings.

"It's not just about teenage lust," Thomas Dekker dished. "There's something in their bloodlines that may have been predetermined awhile before they ever even met. It's kind of fated-- there's a destiny to the whole thing."

As with most things Kevin Williamson, The Secret Circle's villains are not at all what they seem and their true intentions will be revealed slowly.

"What's interesting about [Charles] is he kind of has to make sure everyone around him assumes he's just a nice upstanding man and good father, while playing the double [agent]," Gale Harold revealed. "We're all a little bit evil, aren't we? Charles [will] always be looking over his shoulder and...into people's eyes to see what they understand about him."

Natasha Henstridge spoiled to Dread Central about her true motives as Dawn Chamberlin and how her 'broken' generation orchestrated Cassie's return to empower the young ones.

“It’s for a greater good. They think they’re doing it for a greater good. My character genuinely thinks it’s for a greater good. All of those things can change, and things happen, but I think she’s willing to do lots and lots of terrible things [laughs] but really somewhere in her head thinks it’s for the greater good eventually.” Henstridge went on to say, "Actually there are three generations involved in ‘The Secret Circle’.” Natasha elborated saying, “You have the elders, the grandparents. And then our circle. Our circle lost a bunch of the circle and don’t have the power because of that. The elders, however, could have the power, but they banished magic from a long time ago because of horrible things that happened. And then of course the young ones are the ones that could have all the power because they have a full set. A full deck! [laughs] They’re stacked.”

Source: Examiner