Spoiler Round-up: Jake, Blackwell Offspring And Grey Damon

Spoiler Round-up: Jake, Blackwell Offspring And Grey Damon

EP Andrew Miller spoiled about the return of the CW's new hit, The Secret Circle. The mid-season finale ended with new questions and Jake intrigue, so here's what to expect from our newest hottie and the other Blackwell child.

"Jake knows the existence of such a child, but the emergence of the second Blackwell offspring will be revealed in due course," executive producer Andrew Miller ominously says. And for Jake fans worrying we won't see his pretty face anytime soon, fear not! We're hearing there's still plenty of Jake action to come.

When The Secret Circle returns January 5th, you can expect to see Grey Damon. Here's a spoilery scoop about his new character.

"His character is a very dangerous guy for a lot of reasons," Miller teases. "He's confident and cocky and has a different kind of power than we've seen, but one of our characters will be drawn to him in a way that could prove dire for other characters." Spoiler alert: it's Faye~Phoebe Tonkin.

Source: EOnline