Spoiler Round-up For 'The Secret Circle': A Darker Dynamic & The Difference Between Cassie and Elena

Spoiler Round-up For 'The Secret Circle': A Darker Dynamic & The Difference Between Cassie and Elena

Jessica Parker Kennedy who plays Melissa in the new CW series, The Secret Circle chatted to TV Fanatic about the dark and intriguing dynamic between the older and younger generations of witches.

"[Natasha Henstridge and Gale Harold] have such a pivotal part," Parker teased. "There's this dynamic between kids and adults... it's dark, in a lot of ways, the relationship between the adults and the teenagers. You'll be wondering who we should work with, who we should work against."

Britt Robinson spoiled to the Collider about her character Cassie's progression towards embracing her destiny.

"You can only resist the power for so long, when it’s all you have. She has no family. She has nothing else to reach out to. So, the circle has become her surrogate family. Very quickly, you’ll see that she steps up and becomes her destiny. We are working with it now, trying to figure out when that moment actually is. I think there’s probably a progression to it. It’s also about the relationships that she develops. The more she’s able to trust those within the circle, the more she’ll be able to stand up for herself."

EOnline had a few Secret circle goodies to share as well in their latest spoiler chat.

Fans of the original book series (written by L.J. Smith) may see some familiar faces pop up in unexpected ways EP Andrew Miller teases. “I think it’s a really fun way to introduce characters, especially for people who love the book series, we'll definitely do that. We might incorporate a character like Black John, but he might be renamed.” Miller explains a key difference between TSC and Vampire Diaries is Cassie~Britt Robertson isn’t exactly a goody two-shoes like Elena~Nina Dobrev. Cassie falling in love with Adam~Thomas Dekker, even though she shouldn’t, “brings her into these dark feelings in herself,” Miller spoils. “We start this journey with Cassie between good and evil inside herself that relates to her mom and dad.”