'The Secret Circle' Spoiler Round-up: A Showdown, Mysteries, Revealed And All Things Jake And Adam

'The Secret Circle' Spoiler Round-up: A Showdown, Mysteries, Revealed And All Things Jake And Adam

Britt Robertson of The Secret Circle spoiled to EOnline and Hollywood Life about tonight's tension filled confrontation between Cassie and Faye, Jake's return to Chance Harbor, secrets that will come to light and Cassie's looming love triangle.

“Cassie’s now getting what Faye always wanted: her own individual power that she doesn’t have to bother anyone with,” Robertson explains. “She can do her own thing, and Faye’s jealous. She doesn’t understand why Cassie gets it, so she wants to find a way to get it all for herself. The two of them will get to explore their own individual powers in different ways. You’ll really get to see them go toe-to-toe,” Britt teased. “Cassie’s not digging Faye and the level of the aggression she ends up going at Faye with is probably her darker self within.”

Britt reveals what Jake's return may mean to Cassie.

"Obviously, Jake and Cassie didn't leave it in the best of terms, but at this point, when he does come back, she's going to be a little hesitant as to trust him," Robertson says of Cassie's reaction to Jake's return. "He lied to her the entire time, he was part of the witch hunters and then he left with them. Why would she give her trust to him? I think that's a really big part of why their little fling won't go any further at this point. But you know, maybe he'll be able to make it up to her as most men do." Robinson also revealed, “Jake represents the dark side of Cassie,” Britt explains. “He has all the information on witch hunters and all that dark stuff no one else seems to know about. That’s why she needs him. That’s why she wants him. He represents something no one understands.”

Robertson goes on to tease a flashback with Jake and Cassie that will reveal 'secrets' and 'mysteries'.

"It'll be really interesting. You'll get to find out a lot of secrets and mysteries," she says. "It's a Jake and Cassie journey and they go on it together. They learn more about each other and they learn more about where they come from and who Cassie is. The big mysteries of the show are tested and some are revealed."

Britt also dishes on the once on and now kinda off relationship dynamic Cassie and Adam are in.

"That relationship is something that has been put on the back burner because of the whole Diana-Adam situation, and Cassie and Diana have become so close," Robertson tell us. "Now that they've broken up and it's been a while and Diana's moving on, I think that it's a relationship that will continue to flourish. We'll get to know each other a little bit better outside of the witchy stuff and really hone in on who they are as people and if they get along and if they want to be together. Britt elaborated, "Adam represents the good side of her, and there’s the cosmic connection they felt from the moment they met each other,” she says. “It’s that tug of who she’ll end up choosing versus who she is. With the Adam side of it, Diana [Shelley Hennig] is also her best friend. So to betray Diana would be devastating to their friendship. Of course, now that they’re broken up, it’s definitely a possibility.”