CW’s New Pilot Secret Circle to Replace Life Unexpected

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November 3, 2010

According to Kristin Dos Santos, the CW’s new pilot Secret Circle, based on the book series authored by The Vampire Diaries scribe L.J. Smith, is expected to help fill the Life Unexpected void midseason. There are also some rumors of other pilots in development for the network.

“The Secret Circle” is a series of books about witches. A 16 year old girl named Cassie moves, with her mother, to New Salem, Massachusetts. Her new highschool is ruled by a group of girls known as ‘The Club’. The girls in The Club are witches, descended from the original Salem witches, and Cassie is a witch herself.

Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain, are writers and producers who were also involved with creating The Vampire Diaries show (and were involved with Buffy, Angel and Dollhouse). They’re now spearheading the adaptation, while screenwriter Andrew Miller is writing the pilot episode.

As mentioned, The CW has decided not to go forward with a “back nine” order for Life Unexpected, making the 13th episode of Season Two the likely season (and series) finale. The network won’t decide on a Season 3 until May 2011.

  • Rylan

    this is crap!

  • Gab_rodrigue


  • Lilly7700

    Keep Life Unexpected Please !!!!

  • Lee

    Great, another show with an unrealistic approach to everyday life. Whats running count on Vampire/Super un human plots at now? 4 ?

  • Lee

    Great, another show with an unrealistic approach to everyday life. Whats running count on Vampire/Super un human plots at now? 4 ?

  • Yesiwllflydexie

    i’m waiting anxiously for the Secret Circle series. :D

  • Misty Jean Moore

    I’m so exicted. There’s also a new paranormal show coming to the CW. It’s suppose to be the X-Files meets Buffy and based around college students.

  • Kmreece

    So excited. Read secret circle as a child when it first came out YEARS ago.

  • Thunder_guardian54

    you know screw you who saw bad things about Secret Circle. Even though vampires don’t mean witches aren’t you stupid idiots and besides the secret circle is one of the best series out there. i read it freshman in high school way before i read so before you judge a book you idiot at least read it or learn about it you stupid idiot. Yeah i am talking to you Lee, even though you posted it a month ago, screw you

  • Craig

    The Secret Circle was IMHO BETTER than the Vampire Diaries. There are a lot more character dynamics in that series not just love triangles but with power and the like. I always thought it would make a great series or movie. Hope the CW follows through with it and does the great job they’ve done adapting VPD.

  • LC

    Same here, the books were great, can’t wait to see what they do with the show.

  • Fergotten

    book series was one of my favorites as a teenager! super excited I hope they also bring dark visions trilogy to either theaters or tv.!

  • Genevieve

    i watched life unexpected as well and was shocked at the end but look at it this way at least it had a deffinate end unlike dark angle who had a huge folloing with no real end. plus i read all of lj smiths books when i was a teen and am very excited by hits like the vampire diaries and soon to be hit the secret cicle all i need to hope for now is night world series that i can see a problem with but would love to watch on tv or movies.

  • Starwars1125

    love the books!

  • Alaysia97

    yes yes yes. I completly forgot about these books and now to see a show about it yes. Might as well do her Night World series too!!!!!!!

  • Zey

    Yay!! Can’t wait for the secret circle :D I didn’t like life unexpected much…
    TVD, Supernatural, Smallville, and now the Secret Circle. So far so good. :)))

  • J-Ana

    OH MY FREAKING GOD! WHAT THE HELL! no don’t do that. Some of us were L. J. Smith fans and now I never want to read her books again. becasue you ruined it! Don’t ruin Secret Circle with some people that were on Diseny. That just makes it worse. If anything just leave tv alone, and stop all this nonsense crap. BE NICE! you’re gonna ruin all books, and lose at least fifty dedicated viewers. We already have a group. And agree, it just makes it a “twilight” FEST all over again. that’s just way to rude. and distruptive

  • J-Ana

    probably ruin it. I love the books. too and I hope that if they trash teh series they will then LEAVE it alone. sorry. but it’s not going to end well with those disney and bad actors

  • J-Ana

    hell No. Don’t ruin them All!

  • Julie

    or at least get rid of that Britt Anderson. or something girl. I’ll watch it if she wasn’t Cassie. cause I love The Secret Circle!