‘The Secret Circle’ Season 2 Spoilers: What Could Happen!!

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May 15, 2012

Even though The Secret Circle has officially been canceled by the CW, there has been some buzz that ABC Family might pick the witchy drama up for a second season. In addition, the TSC fan base is in an uproar, rallying for their series through twitter petitions and other social media outlets. EP and Co-creator Andrew Miller gave Zap2it the scoop on what he had planned for season 2 of The Secret Circle.

1. Faye will discover that having her individual magic isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Phoebe Tonkin asked Miller to give Faye a “Matilda” moment in the finale, hence her champagne celebration with Melissa — but this is television, and the celebration can’t last too long. “Next year, The Circle will be completely fractured,” Miller says. “They know what it is to be bound, they’ve struggled through being connected to people when you don’t want to be, and this next people is about being apart and finding strength that way. Faye is going to very quickly run out of ‘Matilda’ moments, because it won’t be enough, especially with Cassie and Diana having so much more power than her.”

2. The Balcoin kids are going to add a whole new element to the show. That shot of the four figures overlooking Chance Harbor was a perfect tease. So what kind of people will these new characters be? “A. Sexy, B. sexy, and C., interesting,” Miller laughs. “Those four characters are not all Balcoin. We’ll find that this goal of putting a perfect circle together won’t be as easy as Blackwell had hoped. They’ll bring some moral ambiguity to the battle between good and evil in Chance Harbor at a time when the witches that we have are at a crossroads with their own sense of right and wrong.”

They’ll be particularly intriguing to Faye. “She’ll be the lynchpin between these Balcoin kids coming in and the existing Circle. She’ll seek out the Balcoins, she’ll utilize the Balcoins and their power in a very manipulative way.”

3. Jake will take his grandfather’s note very, very seriously. “Royce was more right than anyone wanted to believe, though he was still a bit crazy. Jake is going to take up his struggle to stop the darkness from seeping into his world and the people he loves. The warning is going to position Jake to be the most badass good guy of all time. An avenging angel with the kind of anger issues that Jake has is going to be really fun to see once he faces the Balcoin kids.”

4. Adam’s vulnerabilities will bring his dark side to the surface. As Jake fights the darkness, Adam has, interestingly enough, invited it in. When we first met Adam, he was the good guy. He always did the right thing. “When push came to shove, and he went to rescue the two huge loves of his life, Cassie and Diana, he was a useless piece of s*** to Blackwell’s dark magic. It was like he was the skinny kid on the beach getting sand kicked on him by the bullies, and he sends away from the back of a comic book to be a muscle man so he can never be in that position again. They thought that he was the best guy to take care of the skull, but in fact, he was the worst. He was the most emotionally vulnerable, the most fragile, and the most susceptible to the seductive power of that skull.”

5. Grant is genuinely a nice guy… but he’s got some secrets. We love Diana’s sweet, rom-com love affair with the hot yacht guy, and though Miller tells us that Grant won’t suddenly be revealed to be an evil witch, he is involved in some shady stuff. “I couldn’t break Diana’s heart that much by turning him into a complete bad guy,” he says. “However, I can tell you that Grant works on a yacht for some guy who seems to be coming in and out of Chance Harbor more than anybody with a yacht should be coming in and out of Chance Harbor. Grant is involved with more than he’s letting on, and the people he’s working with are perhaps more interesting than you’d expect.”

Source: Zap2it

  • David

    why is there no second season you make something good and then you leave it at a climax and say no season 2 why is this

  • SaveTheCircle

    I only watched the CW for this show! They’re crazy for ending it!


    Low ratings so what? There are people who wants to watch this awesome show and they are cancelling it? They are just making TSC Fans angry -.- #SaveTheCircle


    Low ratings so what? There are people who wants to watch this awesome show and they are cancelling it? They are just making TSC Fans angry -.- #SaveTheCircle

  • John

    PLEASE DONT CANCEL ‘THE SECRET CIRCLE’!!!! It has probably been one of the best TV series that has really captured my attention in a long time, in terms of scripting, story lines and much more. I am from Australia and have fallen in love with the show without it even airing here in Melbourne, which was a huge disappointment, but me and a couple of friends have really fallen in love with the show and are begging for another season, so please don’t cancel the show, just give it a chance to come back and show the fans why it should deserve a season 2. Thanks

  • Amberhgn

    I really love this show… I dont care what channel it will be on as long as it continues!!!!!!!

  • cupcake

    It should stay on cw!

  • nikita

    Nikita is not a stupiedd show, cancel Supernatural

  • lisa

    we just get another fantastic show and then they take it away listen to the people we want the show i bet the show would in the long run make just as much money as vampire dairies and supernatural if you let it i love the secret circle ive watch everyone and was looking forward to it starting again then i find you have got rid of one of my very fav shows dont do it bring it back we the public love it and your not listening please listen its up there with all the rest of the great shows please let it come back we wont let you down im sure heres hoping from a great fan of the show

  • lisa

    the shows you should always keep the secret circle ,vampire diaries ,supernatural without a doubt and teen wolf hart of dixi think if i didnt have theses to watch each week i would wouldnt watch tv at all theses are the shows people wait every week to see and we love them because its our little ecape from the real world for a while so dont let tsc go we the joe public need theses

  • lisa


  • Sunny

    2nd season must be released….

  • zezet

    please we want a second season you cant leave it like that it’s sooo saaaad

  • zezet

    The secret circle is better than any other series deals with magic
    The secret circle better than the vampire diaries
    But I want them together all ………..Why do they have to disperse ……..it’s too sad

  • http://www.facebook.com/isaiahtc Isaiah Campbell

    i completly agree the cw messed up royally i only watched it b/c of tvd and tsc so hopefully abc family will pick it up and renew tnlock

  • jrs – austin

    I think this show will do great on a major network. Season 1 ended with so much potential for the story line, especially with the addition of 4 new characters. I just don’t understand television executives. I also watch Vampire Diaries; but, comparing the two shows, Secret Circle has so much more potential and is more interesting. Will Elena choose Damon or Stephan? That story line is so old, that this just can’t hold anyone’s interest for very long.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sherwin.tiglao Sherwin John Tiglao

    this is the very same thing happen when Firefly was cancelled another one bad move
    this is a diamond in a rough tsk tsk

  • kimberly

    save the secret circle its my favorit show i love it so much. do what ever u can but i want season 2 to come out:(

  • Tipisme26

    Please come back with a second season TSC!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/danielle.brawner.5 Danielle Brawner

    Come on with a Second Season!!! If crap like Jersey Shore, 16 & Pregnant, Teen Mom, and Real Housewives of ‘Wherever’ can get multiple Seasons I don’t understand how good shows get canceled.

  • guest

    Well if we all want a season 2 of the secret circle instead of just commenting your rage why don’t you protest to the cw about how shit they are. And protest your way to getting a season 2. I mean if the cw have all these people rally up to there address protesting for TSC season 2 i’m pretty sure they’ll be willing to negotiate a season 2.

  • Rain

    honestly there are very few shows that i can say i absolutely love with all my heart, but TSC is my absolute FAVORITE. I’d be willing to help spread the word in hopes of there being a second season. PLEASE PICK UP THE SECRET CIRCLE ABC FAMILY! It’s amazing and I’m a HUGE fan :D <3

  • sarah

    bring on the second season i love this show i want more of if ican’t stop watching it so bring it on

  • Charity

    come on with the second season!!!!!!!!!! Like the secret circle’.

  • ItalianAngel69

    TV execs need to pull their heads out & learn their audience….what a serious waste of time, energy, good aspiring acting talent & union wages, stupidity at its finest….who says rich people have no common sense should heed this example. Seriously…just play season two already.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sara.22793 Sara Rasmussen

    Pick it up!!!! Pick it up!!!! Pick it up!!!! Pick it up!!!! Pick it up!!!! Pick it up!!!!

  • Mary Ellen

    i love this show and hopes for another session. i am a huge fan of Phoebe Tonkin and get sad that the show she on not lasting longer.

  • biggest fannnnnnnnnnn

    there is no way they cant just not make any more season i fuckin love the show.. does no one look at these there are millions of fans that want another so make one already please i just got to no what happens next ..and i rally like britt roberts she is my favorite actor make more make more make more make more i need my secret circle fix nowwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jane

    Dear ABC,
    The show has much potential. I’ve started watching the series on Netflix. Great show!!!!! Please pick up the second season!!!!!!

  • celestial

    Cant belive it’s not on this season ):

  • kiwikea34@GMAIL.COM

    ABC Family please pick up the secret circle , Its the only show out there that my girls and I love to watch together. we have been wating all summer for its return.

  • Vivianemickelson

    If you take away second season, I will die. I thought Adam and Cassie should find out that their curse is fake, it would put a real twist on it don’t you think? You HAVE to bring back the secret circle. I don’t care if cw, doesn’t take it. FIND SOME CHANNEL THAT WILL! You don’t know how much I am in love with this series. And if you are reading this right now, you NEED listen to me. COME ON, at least get Cassie to tell Adam that she still loves him. If you don’t, I will cry for weeks. And weeks, maybe even a year. 99 comments is pretty good considering when you posted this. WHO ARE THE BALCOIN KIDS? Why are they in chance harbor, and what do they want. Adam shouldnt die. It should be Adam, dianna and Cassie left alive and Cassie catches dianna and Adam kissing. WOW should she be Steamed or what? If you need or want any more ideas, look me up on Facebook, or email. Ps my name is vivianemickelson. you should also add another girl, like a long lost sister to Adam, or whatever, YOU NEED A SECOND SEASON! I like the actors you picked, GREAT JOB! PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER SEASON!

  • Maria

    Please bring secound season back

  • Kalane Johnson

    I just finished watching the whole season and i would love to see what happens!!!! please do it for the fans!!!!!

  • esmer456

    There has to be a season I man u can’t just leave it like this this really sucks to have to wait till second season

  • LOLLIEPOP123456789


  • cedartucky

    I haven’t watched T.V. in years but thanks to shows like TSC, Revenge, and The Vampire Diaries I’m F!@#ing glued to the T.V.!!! You can’t take my favorite one of them all away!!! I’m getting fat and enjoying it.

  • Circle Fan 26

    We want a season 2!!!!!!!! Why cancel and amazing show? BRING IT BACK!@!@!

  • missy2634

    Really want a second season. Watched it on netflix after its been off the air, and i loved it. Please come back

  • Jackie

    I just want a clear ending to the series. Even if it only comes back for one more season, let the series finale tie up all loose ends. I want to meet the new Balcoins!

    Give us a second season, please!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jasmine.austin.961 Jasmine Austin

    i want a second season the secret circle was a great show and u see all the people below me agree too

  • tnt_90

    a second season is needed you cant leave us hanging exspecially with the way the first season ending there r way to many unanswered questions

  • sandra

    Prašau. labai labai laukiu antro sezono. grei?iau

  • scotgirl

    Bring back a second season i stay in scotland and iam dying to see see what happens.


    PICK IT UP !!!!

  • Mandy

    OMG enough already can we please just get a second season or at least have a two hour show where everything gets explained and we know what happens in the future. Geez enough already!!!!

  • carolina

    need the second season for the secret circle

  • Leah

    I’m sorry, but not really, it is so much bullshit to end a series like that! Especially when they make the finale end in a way that no less begs it to continue. I say we all boycott the CW.

  • Jaga

    OMG please let Season 2 come true! This show is almost as cool as Trueblood! ;)

  • SecretCirclegirl

    This is the SECOND time CW cancled one of my very favorite shows. Me and all of my freinds want a SECOND SEASON!!!!!!! >: c

  • SecretCirclegirl


  • SecretCirclegirl


  • SecretCirclegirl

    it always about money to CW!!!

  • #1TSCFAN

    some network any network first pick free agent TSC LETS GET IT

  • http://twitter.com/AmandaLamm83 amanda lamm

    ABC Family please pick up TSC it deserves a chance to blossom and thrive.

  • ivette21

    hey head honchos on WB give us a break there is so much ridiculous garbage rality TV on that I desperately need, no, beg for primetime television shows like The Secret Circle. couldn’t you at least give us a conclusion for our peace of mind I thought of this serious cliffhanger. in any case I hope you consider season 2 nfwb is stupid to not hear it another primetime channel should, just saying.

  • ivette21

    it’s sad to see you so much garbage reality TV that I find myself praying no begging for primetime TV shows like this 1 I mean like The Secret Circle. Couldn’t you try and provide the fans with some peace of mind? so that a year later we’re still not at the edge of our seats and wonder and agony. Seriously I just saw the entire season 1 again and I’m desperately begging you to reconsider the launch of season 2. And if the WB doesnt want it, come on ABC, u havent had any good shit on since LOST. it’s a great story line it’s a great show good characters and no wolves are vampires, please.

  • ivette21

    there is so much reality garbage that I desperately bag for primetime TV shows like The Secret Circle. I hope the WB reconsiders season 2 and if not ABC should pick it up. Come on ABC you haven’t had any good shit on TV since lost

  • ivette21

    there is so much garbage reality TV on that I desperately beg pray for primetime TVshows like The Secret Circle. why leave us with a cliffhanger can you give us a conclusion at least so that way a year later we are still not stressed about the show. I hope you reconsider season 2 and if not ABC should pick it up they haven’t had any good shit on since LOST.

  • ivette21

    I’m desperately begging for the Secret Circle to be picked up by a bee see if the WB is not going to launch it TV sucks weather is reality garbage vampires and Dan wolves so over it can I just have my normal witches and demons please

  • Kayli

    To make this blunt- HOW CAN YOU GIVE US A ENDING TO SEASON ONE WITH SO MANY CLIFF HANGERS AND EXPECT IT TO BE FINE TO JUST END IT LIKE THAT? WE NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS D:!- So please PLEASE even if its just one more season bring back TSC, you need to at least wrap up the show so there isn’t as many , ‘If’s', or ‘Who’s’ or ‘Why’s'! I will love you forever ABC Family if you pick up TSC ;-;!!!!

  • Guest





    please bring it back give it one more shot D”:



  • someone interested

    why is it that all the new season about powers cant make it through to season 2?
    one more season wouldn’t be a lot for you, but it could be good for us..

  • Della

    PLEASE LET ABC FAMILY pick The Secret Circle back up! Please….We need a second season! This show was TOO good to cancel. I can’t believe it didn’t get enough ratings. I connect with the characters so much…Is there any update about a pick up?

  • Jacqueline


  • Cindy

    The Secret Circle was a fantastic tv show with legeons of fans. Why did they make a grand finale that opened up so many doors only to cx the show? It doesn’t make any sense!!! Please make more seasons of this show. The many fans will thank you!!

  • KYOU

    WE NEED the second season!! We’re waiting & desperate for it =D
    I don’t care how~ i Want it NoW

  • Danielle

    Please tell me there will be a season 2

  • Josie Brugman

    You should totally make a second season. I think it will be a good idea to answer a lot of questions remaining from the previous season

  • Ashley

    They have to have a 2season if they dont thats just harsh

  • http://www.facebook.com/sophie.coles.908 Sophie Coles

    It’s not coming out on dvd

  • http://www.facebook.com/sophie.coles.908 Sophie Coles

    Not enough ratings

  • solstice33

    pleases bring back secret circle for next season too many interesting subjects, and more secrets please. loved the show too much thanks and please bring it back for second season. sincerely secret circle fan.

  • SecretCircle

    I know, same here I want Cassie and Adam to find out about the fake curse. I was sooooooo disappointed because I knew it was canceled when I started watching it and at least expected in the last few episodes to see Cassie and Adam back together. Plzzzzzzz someone pick up this show, it would have so many viewers. HELP!!!! SAVE THE SECRET CIRCLE!!!

  • SecretCircle

    Cassie + Adam = <3

  • anna&evelyn

    I need the secret circle it such a cool show they need to bringbit back please?!?:)

  • Supernatural

    Supernatural kicks arse….. cancel something shit instead