'The Secret Circle' Season 2 Spoilers: What Could Happen!!

'The Secret Circle' Season 2 Spoilers: What Could Happen!!

Even though The Secret Circle has officially been canceled by the CW, there has been some buzz that ABC Family might pick the witchy drama up for a second season. In addition, the TSC fan base is in an uproar, rallying for their series through twitter petitions and other social media outlets. EP and Co-creator Andrew Miller gave Zap2it the scoop on what he had planned for season 2 of The Secret Circle.

1. Faye will discover that having her individual magic isn't all it's cracked up to be. Phoebe Tonkin asked Miller to give Faye a "Matilda" moment in the finale, hence her champagne celebration with Melissa -- but this is television, and the celebration can't last too long. "Next year, The Circle will be completely fractured," Miller says. "They know what it is to be bound, they've struggled through being connected to people when you don't want to be, and this next people is about being apart and finding strength that way. Faye is going to very quickly run out of 'Matilda' moments, because it won't be enough, especially with Cassie and Diana having so much more power than her."

2. The Balcoin kids are going to add a whole new element to the show. That shot of the four figures overlooking Chance Harbor was a perfect tease. So what kind of people will these new characters be? "A. Sexy, B. sexy, and C., interesting," Miller laughs. "Those four characters are not all Balcoin. We'll find that this goal of putting a perfect circle together won't be as easy as Blackwell had hoped. They'll bring some moral ambiguity to the battle between good and evil in Chance Harbor at a time when the witches that we have are at a crossroads with their own sense of right and wrong."

They'll be particularly intriguing to Faye. "She'll be the lynchpin between these Balcoin kids coming in and the existing Circle. She'll seek out the Balcoins, she'll utilize the Balcoins and their power in a very manipulative way."

3. Jake will take his grandfather's note very, very seriously. "Royce was more right than anyone wanted to believe, though he was still a bit crazy. Jake is going to take up his struggle to stop the darkness from seeping into his world and the people he loves. The warning is going to position Jake to be the most badass good guy of all time. An avenging angel with the kind of anger issues that Jake has is going to be really fun to see once he faces the Balcoin kids."

4. Adam's vulnerabilities will bring his dark side to the surface. As Jake fights the darkness, Adam has, interestingly enough, invited it in. When we first met Adam, he was the good guy. He always did the right thing. "When push came to shove, and he went to rescue the two huge loves of his life, Cassie and Diana, he was a useless piece of s*** to Blackwell's dark magic. It was like he was the skinny kid on the beach getting sand kicked on him by the bullies, and he sends away from the back of a comic book to be a muscle man so he can never be in that position again. They thought that he was the best guy to take care of the skull, but in fact, he was the worst. He was the most emotionally vulnerable, the most fragile, and the most susceptible to the seductive power of that skull."

5. Grant is genuinely a nice guy... but he's got some secrets. We love Diana's sweet, rom-com love affair with the hot yacht guy, and though Miller tells us that Grant won't suddenly be revealed to be an evil witch, he is involved in some shady stuff. "I couldn't break Diana's heart that much by turning him into a complete bad guy," he says. "However, I can tell you that Grant works on a yacht for some guy who seems to be coming in and out of Chance Harbor more than anybody with a yacht should be coming in and out of Chance Harbor. Grant is involved with more than he's letting on, and the people he's working with are perhaps more interesting than you'd expect."

Source: Zap2it