Phoebe Tonkin Spoils Tonight’s ‘Secret Circle’, “Curse”

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March 22, 2012

The Secret Circle’s Phoebe Tonkin spoiled about tonight’s episode, “Curse”. Chance Harbor will be heating up in more ways than one now that Adam and Cassie have did the deed and crazy Eva is on the loose killing hot Voodoo boys. RIP Lee :(

“At first, she doesn’t even realize he’s dead,” Phoebe Tonkin tells us. “Eva’s trying to cover it up, saying that he’s out of town, but Faye knows that’s not true. Faye kind of goes looking for him.” Tonkin goes on to spoil about the upcoming power struggle between the girls. “Faye is very protective of her power, and she doesn’t like people going behind her back. When Faye finds out what Lee was really doing for Eva with Faye’s power, she’s going to be pretty angry. Regardless of if he’s still alive or not She’s just like, pissed and crazy!” Phoebe laughs. “She gets into a ‘Single White Female’ situation as she’s doing everything in her power to keep Faye away from the room that Lee’s dead body is in.”

Phoebe also teased the new tension that the group will experience because of Blackwell’s presence and Cassie’s lack of honesty where her father is concerned.

“Now that Blackwell’s back as well, there are things about Blackwell that Cassie knows that we don’t, and there’s room for us to say ‘Okay, choose your dad, or choose us.’ We don’t necessarily trust Blackwell. We have no reason to, but Cassie has a reason to because in the end, he’s her father. There’s room for us to turn on Cassie a little bit, and we’ll definitely see that.”