Nick’s Death Will Bring Emotional Fall-out And The Elders Down On Charles & Dawn

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October 18, 2011

Last week on The Secret Circle, Nick’s death was as unexpected as it was shocking. EP Andrew Miller spoils that in the episodes to come more elder witches will start to take notice at all the mysterious deaths in Chance Harbor, while Charles and Dawn face huge ramifications for their decision to kill Nick.

Nick’s~Louis Hunter death will change just about everything for our (possibly) diabolical duo, trust. “As we go forward, the idea of consequences is there not only for the kids, but for the adults as well,” Miller says. “The ramifications of their actions will be huge for [Charles and Dawn] emotionally, because it really puts their own plans into a completely different light and will cause them to question what they’re doing and they may think differently from one another and that will cause a lot of problems.”

“The Elders will come around sooner than we think. We love the idea of the Elders because at some point Dawn~Natasha Henstridge and Charles ~Gale Harold have to answer to somebody and those somebodies are the Elders,” executive producer Andrew Miller tells us. “You can’t have a town with dead bodies piling up before somebody takes notice. In our case, the people who are going to take notice first are the Elders.”

Source: EOnline