Kevin Williamson Talks ‘The Secret Circle’

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July 24, 2011

The Secret Circle EP Kevin Williamson told Zap2it exactly what his role will be in the new CW series coming this Fall. Williamson also touched on the expected pace of the show through character development and how TSC will differ from The Vampire Diaries.

“The way it works is ‘Vampire Diaries’ comes first. That’s my bread and butter, in terms of my baby. I still cry over it,” Williamson said in the press room at Comic-Con on Saturday. “‘Secret Circle’ has been designed to be run by Andrew Miller. He was the guy who was there before I ever showed up and he’s the guy who’s there now. I just check in with him, I help him, I go into the writer’s room and I play and then I leave. It’s a companion piece and it’s not so much a spin-off as it is a separate world. That’s kind of my biggest thing; I do worry. The other thing I worry about — which is me being insecure and paranoid — is that people will start the show and compare it to the beginning of the third season of ‘Vampire Diaries,’ which is going a mile a minute.” Williamson continued, “When you go back to the first season of ‘Vampire Diaries,’ you’ll remember it told a story and it took awhile to suck you in and that’s what we’re trying to do here. I wouldn’t say there’s a slow pace, but we spend time getting to know our characters and dealing with the relationships and understanding what they want and desire and what witchcraft is and then right around the time you think it’s this, that happens and the whole world turns upside down.”

“I’m a writer. I don’t want to just translate. The reason you hired me if for me to bring whatever is going on [ in my head] and [in my heart] and I try to do it,” Williamson explained. It’s no fun for me, I can’t personalize it. I have to personalize it like I did with ‘Vampire Diaries.’ I had to personalize it so that I could cry over it because Julie [Plec] and I sit there and cry when we write.” Kevin went on to explain, “They’re two different worlds. They’re from the same novelist but the worlds don’t intersect. This is witches. There’s a huge mythology that doesn’t connect to Bonnie and ‘The Vampire Diaries.’ This is a brand new story.”