Kevin Williamson Previews Everything 'Secret Circle'

Kevin Williamson Previews Everything 'Secret Circle'

Kevin Williamson spoiled to the Collider about everything Secret Circle. He talks about a different kind of dark, multi~generational story arcs and a love triangle that fate has designed.

The Secret Circle is very dark. Our version of witchcraft is very dark. It’s not that hard-edged, ripping hearts out and slicing people open that we do in The Vampire Diaries, but there are other ways to skin a cat. So, there will be humor, and there will be scary, evil, witchy-woo.

Williamson highlighted the multi~generational aspect that The Secret Circle will carry.

There is this idea of what happened 16 years ago, that chased Cassie’s mother from this town. What was so horrific? As our new Circle tries to uncover that, for fear of their own future, a lot of those discoveries do go inter-generational. We have the Dawn and Charles Circle, but we also have Jane, who is Cassie’s grandmother, who has her own Circle. So, there is this generational aspect, if you look at the hidden mythology. It’s a world of villainy, where you may not like what they are doing or agree with the villains, but if we do our job right, you will understand them and understand why they are doing what they are doing. Hopefully, it will resonate in an emotional way, along with the thrills and fun.

Kevin also dished about the love triangle that will feature stars Britt Robinson~Cassie and Thomas Dekker~Adam.

I think it will take some twists and turns. We have to take that triangle and get to know them. It’s going to be interesting when we get to know them better and learn exactly what it is that’s written in the stars. There’s going to be a history to it. It’s romance. It will take a lot of twists and turns.