Grey Damon Promises Hot Tension For Lee And Faye

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January 11, 2012

Grey Damon, the newest hottie to hit Chance Harbor, spoiled about the romantic tension stirring between his character, Lee and resident bad witch, Faye on The Secret Circle.

“Things are going to get heated up,” Damon teased. “There’s definitely tension there…. What’s interesting about Lee as a character is he’s sort of like a genie, in sense. He’ll sort of grant you your wishes but not necessarily in the way you want, because you didn’t ask for them in the right way. He does want to help Faye, but I think a lot of that is him being in it for himself. He will try to get her what she wants, but it might not necessarily be in the way she wants it. Lee is sort of this walking cautionary tale. It seems like he stirs up trouble a lot.”

Source: TV Fanatic