Ethan Will Cause A Rift Between Adam & Diana, While A Mysterious Character Threatens Everything

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October 19, 2011

The Secret Circle’s Adam Harrington~Ethan, Adam’s father, spoiled to EW about how the next two episode are going to be big for his character. He dishes on how Nick’s death will cause a rift between Adam and Diana, while Nick’s older brother Jake alters the Circles’ dynamic.

“What we start to see is that a lot of his drinking has been him just not wanting to deal with the past. It [Nick's death] takes him right back to those events 16 years ago, which of course makes Ethan hit the bottle even harder, and he ends up saying something to Diana that he shouldn’t have said. It seriously has an effect on her relationship with Adam from now on.” Harrington goes on to reveal that Nick’s older brother Jake~guest star Chris Zylka will also stir things up. ”The new character changes the dynamic in the group and has a real big effect on how Adam and Cassie interact. We can’t forget that Ethan knows what happened 16 years ago, he was there, he saw it all go down. His idea — don’t mess with fate because bad things will happen — well, Adam and Cassie are supposed to be together. He believes that, and if that doesn’t happen, it’s messing with fate. So Ethan’s starting to get really worried about the safety of his son and these kids.”

“We see someone, a mysterious character, coming back from Ethan’s past and threaten to say stuff to Cassie that he shouldn’t. So all this stuff kind of builds, and we see Ethan at the end of that episode make a choice as to whether he’s gonna continue ignoring everything or get involved. And what’s really cool is how he actually gets involved,” Harrington says. “When I read it, I was so excited … If he does start making decisions, what does his future look like? I always think that if somebody drinks that much, they’re holding A LOT back. Lord help the people who are on the bad side of that.”