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'The Secret Circle' Episode 6 "Wake" Sneak Peek, Plus Exclusive Deets On New Arrival Jake

'The Secret Circle' Episode 6 "Wake" Sneak Peek, Plus Exclusive Deets On New Arrival Jake

The TV Squad had the pleasure of interviewing The Secret Circle's EP Andrew Miller. He spoiled about the upcoming tension between our Circle and new arrival Jake~Chris Zylka. Sexual tension and heated rivalries will definitely be front and center in the next few episodes of TSC.

Intimidatingly so. Intimidatingly tall and sexy, but it's gotten him into a little bit of trouble over the years in Chance Harbor. He's been away for a couple of years. The members of our circle all know him and hate him for who he was before he left, but specifically Faye [Phoebe Tonkin], who had an intense and tumultuous relationship with him and who got her heart broken by him. She's the least happy of all of them about his return. Second to her is probably Adam [Thomas Dekker], who has a very negative history with Jake, because a couple of years ago he sort of betrayed Adam and his father, which we will get into in the next episode. So, his return is not a welcome one. The idea that he's Nick's brother and that he may or may not have a role in their circle is just about the worst thing that these guys can imagine right now.

Well, you know, the show's about a circle, but it's really just filled with a lot of triangles, and that's one of them. Faye has a very specific agenda when Jake comes back into town which is, "I am going to get him back for breaking my heart." It should work, because there's just nobody sexier or more intimidating than Faye. Then Cassie gets in the way, as she always seems to, and he's not paying enough attention to Faye to make her revenge plan successful, and that sets the three of them in a triangle. But in the scene that you are referring to from episode 8, there's that triangle, but then Shelley Hennig and Thomas Dekkerthere's also the way Jake reacts to Cassie, which is something that Adam is infuriated by, because I don't think he would be great with anybody reacting to Cassie this way, but especially this guy that he can't stand and doesn't trust. It makes it difficult for him, and then that causes problems between him and Diana. So the Jake character, he's not fun for the gang.

Check out this amazing sneak peek for tonight's episode of The Secret Circle, "Wake".

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