‘The Secret Circle’ Episode 20 “Traitor” Sneak Peek

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April 20, 2012

The CW has already released a sneak peek for next Thursday’s episode of The Secret Circle, “Traitor”. Who do you think the traitor among them is?!

  • Guest

    Melissa and Adam can’t get together!!! They can’t!! Plleeasseee tell me someone else thinks the way I do too!

  • Siamogirl

    I do! and since dianna is cassie’s sister so she’s written in the stars with adam two. and that means that cassie and jake can a chance together I’m very exited and can’t wait to see the new episodes

  • Chelcihamiltonwatson

    they are only half sisters on there dads side not their mum so it wouldn’t be written in the stars for dianna and adam only him and cassie