The Secret Circle Episode 10 “Darkness” Sneak Peek

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December 28, 2011

Check out this sneak peek for The Secret Circle Episode 10 “Darkness” returning to the CW in January.

  • Pod1990

    This looks like a dream to me. Jake would not say that to cassie we all know he is in love with her plus cassie has not got it in her to kill someone yeah she could hurt them but not kill them. also if she killed someone this would be the main thing in the show they would not spoil this because there would be no point watching the rest cause we would know how it is going to end.

  • Zaid Ghaffar


  • Anonymous

    OMFG! Gaaaaaahhhh I love Cassie, really.. and it’s really cool that she has dark magic powers … but oh gosshhh poor Jake!:(

  • Hayleychan1998

    well if she is a good person and she can control it i dont see why she didnt stop herself from trying to kill him

  • Hayleychan1998

    ur a smart cookie