‘The Secret Circle’ Episode 03 “Loner” Guide

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September 8, 2011

The CW has released the official synopsis for episode 03 of The Secret Circle, entitled “Loner”. You gotta love school dances; they bring out that inner monster of jealousy that drives the teenage angst that we love so much ;)
Adam Is Jealous When Cassie Brings A Date To The School Dance

  • A cute jock named Luke~guest star Zachary Abel asks Cassie~Britt Robertson to the school dance, and after watching Adam~Thomas Dekker spend time with Diana~Shelley Hennig at the boathouse, she accepts his offer.
  • Meanwhile, Melissa~Jessica Parker Kennedy sees the dance as an opportunity to get closer to Nick~Louis Hunter.
  • Faye~Phoebe Jane Tonkin, on the other hand, has no plans to go and remains focused on finding a way to control her powers.
  • Dawn~Natasha Henstridge discovers someone from their past, an intense man named Zachary~guest star Dave Baez, is in town asking questions about the Cassie and the Circle, so she asks Charles~Gale Harold to keep an eye on him.

This episode is slated to air September 29th.