‘Devils Spirit’ Will Help Diana ‘Push The Limits’ In “Valentine”

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February 8, 2012

This week’s episode of The Secret Circle, “Valentine”. Diana will get to experience ‘Devil’s Spirit’ first hand and star Shelley Hennig spoils that Lee will reap the benefits of Diana’s uninhabited behavior.

“It’s like giving a 21-year-old a drink for their first time,” Hennig explains. “They’re going to react differently than someone who’s drank before. Diana’s really sensitive to the drug, and it really gets to her. She becomes quite a fun character.” Shelley admits she’s actually “petrified” to see the final cut because “I had no boundaries when I shot it. I’m not kidding. Between me and the director, there were no boundaries. They can’t show everything, but you’ll definitely see Diana pushing the limits, especially with Lee.”

Source: TV Line