Chris Zylka Previews Tonight’s, “Witness”

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January 19, 2012

Chris Zylka~Jake Armstrong has a spoilery preview to share for tonight’s episode of The Secret Circle, “Witness”. We left off last week with Jake walking in on a long awaited kiss between Cassie and Adam. Zylka previews Jake’s reactions as well as what fans can expect to see revealed about the tragedy that befell their parents 16 years ago.

“Jake’s initial response is anger — and fighting that anger while trying not to show it too much. He’s had such a long journey as a person/witch, and he’s finally starting to figure himself out. He wants to be truthful and to be a part of the circle,” he says. “When he wants something, he goes after it. No. 1, he’s in love with Cassie, and No. 2, he wants to be part of something. Obviously, the Witch Hunters aren’t going to be very happy with him.” Zylka goes on to reveal, “Jake’s smart enough to know that if he goes right into [revealing there's another Balcoin], they’re all going to want to be it. Everyone sees what Cassie is capable of, especially Faye. He’s going to treat the situation a little more carefully than you’d expect him to. We’re going to delve into our parents’ situation and try to figure out what really happened 16 years ago and it’s a nice ride that everyone goes on. It’s an emotional episode for everyone.”

Source: TV Guide