‘The Secret Circle’ Cast Talks Good v/s Evil and TVD Adoration

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July 23, 2011

AOL TV recently talked with the stunning witches of The Secret Circle and they had some spoilery goodness to share.

Kennedy, Hennig and Tonkin play those witches — and not all of them are good. While Hennig’s character leans toward the Glinda side, Tonkin’s more of a bad witch kind of girl. “That’s what’s kind of great about the show,” Kennedy said, “the fact that we need to be in the circle for our powers to be really strong. The fact that some of us are good people and some of us are evil makes it interesting because we’re forced to be friends even though we don’t really want to be.”

The Secret Circle cast also talked about the adoration they have for The Vampire Diaries.

(“Anna and Vicki, I’m so glad they’re back! I was surprised when they got killed off, but I know people always have to die, so when I saw them back, I was like, [gasp!]“), said she’s glad she can at least read the ‘TSC’ scripts to know what’s going on. “We may know what’s going to happen next, whereas when I watch ‘Vampire Diaries’ I have no clue! So it’s really annoying, but it keeps us watching. That’s why I love The CW.”