Britt Robinson And Phoebe Tonkin Preview “Heather”

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October 6, 2011

The Secret Circle’s Britt Robinson~Cassie and Phoebe Tonkin~Faye tease tonight’s new episode, “Heather”, with a promise of a ‘deep, dark side of witchcraft’. The two TSC beauties spoil that fans will see Faye and Cassie’s relationship “in a completely different light”.

“This is the first episode where you see Cassie wanting to learn more about magic and wanting to really discover what happened with her mom and the rest of the adults 16 years ago” Britt explained. “There’s a lot of mystery that she doesn’t understand. In this episode you understand more of what is happening [in the larger storyline] and you get to see who Cassie really is and why she is the way she is and what’s inside of her.”

“Faye is a very controlling person and likes to be the one who is creating these situations and when it’s coming from someone else, it’s terrifying”.

Source: TV Overmind