A Broken Circle With Vulnerability And Raging Magic

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October 20, 2011

Thanks to TV Guide I can share some spoilery scoop for The Secret Circle. Now that the Circle is broken, what does that mean for our third generation witches and is there an answer to their raging magic?

With Nick gone, the circle is broken and it makes them a little more vulnerable. They need to figure out an answer around that and Jake will play a role in that answer. The whole idea of the track that they were on, [even with Faye's objections], just feels so differently when one of their own is lost because of it. They see magic a little bit differently. Their interest in creating a new full circle gets complicated because of that.

This demon thing is a force of evil that has its roots in [what happened] 16 years ago, so it just further complicates what’s already pretty mysterious. [The coven] and Dawn and Charles are playing with fire. The closer they bring these kids to the events of 16 years ago, the worse things are going to get.

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  • Chris_r_manu

    maybe im mistaken but in episode 6 six jake used a spell on the witchhunter girl before cassie was thinking or saying the spell with him, also her grandmother corrected cassie and told her that the circle was still bound and gave her the crystal to focus her power when shes on her own, so im confused  it seems like the circle is still bound (with 5 at least as jake used powers on his own) yet this site says other wise lol, can anyone explain this ??

  • http://twitter.com/#!/natashafine Natasha

    This spoiler was created before it was revealed that the circle was in fact still in tact and not broken, to tease episode 6 “Wake”. Jake is clearly more skilled with his powers than the rest of the kids. That’s either because he wasn’t actually part of the binding ritual, or he may have his families crystal just like he has his book of shadows. Cassie’s crystal allows her to practice alone now. That’s why the original crystal was broken apart and a piece was given to each family. The others just don’t have theirs.