7 Spoilery Treats For Tonight’s Mid-season Finale, “Balcoin”

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November 10, 2011

Tonight is the last episode of The Secret Circle for 2011. “Balcoin” will bring a lot of things to the table and leave fans with an unforgettable mid-season finale. Here are seven spoilers for tonight’s episode:

  • We finally understand what the episode title, “Balcoin”, means; It’s a surname, but who’s?
  • Cassie’s growing curiosity will bring her closer to discovering who her father really is, John Blackwell.
  • Cassie’s mother, Amelia, wasn’t alone in her fascination with John Blackwell.
  • Jake~Chris Zylka will truly become conflicted between his growing feelings for Cassie~Britt Robinson and his obligation to the witch hunters.
  • Adam’s~Thomas Dekker continuing attempts to reconcile with ex Diana~Shelley Hennig are to no avail, because someone else has caught Diana’s eye.
  • Charles~Gale Harold believes things are all under control, and by things I do mean Jane Blake, but tonight Charles’ spell will backfire.
  • Two very unlikely coven members will team up.

Source: TV Guide