Secret Circle Season 2

Secret Circle Season 2

April 24, 2012

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‘The Secret Circle’ Season 2 Spoilers: What Could Happen!!

‘The Secret Circle’ Season 2 Spoilers: What Could Happen!!

Even though The Secret Circle has officially been canceled by the CW, there has been some buzz that ABC Family might pick the witchy drama up for a second season. […]

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‘The Secret Circle’ Officially Canceled

‘The Secret Circle’ Officially Canceled

A sad day for The Vampire Diaries companion series, The Secret Circle. The CW has announced that the freshman series has officially been canceled. TSC started off slow, but picked […]

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‘The Secret Circle” Spoilers: Blackwell’s Intentions, Diana’s Struggle And Charles’ Reckoning

‘The Secret Circle” Spoilers: Blackwell’s Intentions, Diana’s Struggle And Charles’ Reckoning

Executive Producer Andrew Miller has spoilery preview for this Thursday’s season finale of The Secret Circle, “Family”. Miller teases the major death that will conclude a journey, Blackwell’s true intentions, […]

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Will ‘The Secret Circle’ Be Renewed For Season 2?

Will ‘The Secret Circle’ Be Renewed For Season 2?

Update May 12th: The show has been officially canceled. The CW has just announced that The Secret Circle will conclude it’s Freshman run on Thursday, May 10th following The Vampire […]

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  • mbh

    Secret circle is my favorite show on deserves a second chance..I don’t even plan on watching CW anymore..just lost a viewer and fan of the network due to senseless cancellation of an entertaining show..I was excited to tune into the secret circle this winter..wish I knew the cause to officially cancel it…ABC FAMILY PLEASE PICK UP THE SECRET CIRCLE! !!!!!!

  • afsheen

    plz secret circle deserves a second chace it iz my favorite show nd i would definitly wish if it wuld return :)

  • gnw

    The secret circle is my favorit show please ABC family pick it up for a season 2

  • peggy

    This is terrible I enjoyed the Secret Circle. I truly hope abcfamily pick this up so that we can finish the story.

  • tabitha

    the secret circle is a awesome show they should really come back with season 2

  • Maesha

    Wow thats so sad to here, this show was the next best witch show since Charmed has been off the air. I really wish it would continue.

  • crystal

    Jus watched the whole season one in 2 das!!! Bring it back! Its awesome!! Come on give us a season 2!!!

  • Samantha

    I really hope ABC picks up The secret circle . The CW is a bunch of morons for dropping it!!!!!!!

  • G. Mudd

    I will literally get down on my knees and beg for there to be a second season!

  • Ilija Ilic


  • Ty

    This show is a hit, I never missed the show when it came and I was looking for season 2 to appear. This is a spoiler for me I am a person that really ever watches tv. This show was great! All I can say is BRING THE SHOW BACK ON THE AIR

  • Chimoula

    WE WANT SECRET CIRCLE SEASON 2!!!!!!!!!!! Please :(

  • Kerry

    It’s soo hard to find interesting shows, this one is a keeper still least for a good 3-5 seasons, they have tough shows up with them, but it’s a show that makes my kids sit down when they hear it and even my husband, young and old. It would do very well in between the bigger shows we all need somthing really good to watch while we’re waiting for other shows to come out. If this is off the air, sadly for the CW there will be a huge drop in ur views….. U guys use numbers I’m sure, but we ur customers are there wanting shows up may not realize we do want. Many of our friends have yv night, get 15-25 ppl together and have potlucks to just watch this show… So if all these ppl went home and had their tv on, maybe u would see the numbers…. Sad, I see a lot of boring stuff on tv, so when we finally find a great one we get shafted :( sigh, get ur charters pumped up and make this the best ever!!! We have good actress and actors in this show, like our breathtaking girl from life unexpected. U have a good run with this Lil series, don’t drop ur station fans, take a ride with us…. Thanks for ur time….. Love

  • Kiaya Renee Allen-Love

    I really wish someone would pick up this wonderful show. I read the books and I was impressed on how well things fallowed the book. Even though it wasnt exact. I hope they pick it up because it would mean the world to me.

  • Yasmin Esmail

    the show deserves a second chance , please ABC family pick it up for a season 2

  • BLAH

    Honestly the secret circle is amazing, and it was cancelled why exactly? loss of viewers which the cw then regained later on in the season. its been almost a year now and talks of ABC and other American sitcom channels have spoke about renewing TSC for a second season but to no avail. i am a british fan, and he secret circle was originally aired on sky living. i hope to god someone gives TSC a second chance as i can promise that all of these fans including myself will not only be devastated but will also result in loss of viewers from other american sitcoms.

  • jasmine

    this show was the only reason why i watch the cw network other than that i don’t watch it anymore