Scandal Spoilers: Will There Be A Re-Election for Fitz?

Scandal Spoilers: Will There Be A Re-Election for Fitz?


One of the things that make Scandal entertaining is its own depiction of politics intertwined with interesting character arcs and dialogue. As far as the second season has yielded, I still very much look forward to every single Cyrus and Fitz political dispute inside the Oval Office. I salute whoever is behind those earth-shattering lines they throw at each other. You rock anonymous script writer!

At present, the juicy drama has made a 10 months time-jump after Fitz was finally privy of the rigged election. Ofcourse, that POTUS won't be sitting on that throne forever. He's gonna have to give it up one day. This begs the question, could Shonda Rhimes (showrunner) allow Fitz be no longer president? If not, is she considering another election that can probably give us a Defiance 2.0?

The creator weighed-in her creative plans for Fitzgerald Grant's career on the juicy soap, check out her statement below:

“[Re-election] is pretty much whenever we need it to be.” (I have a funny definition of firm, yes.) Rhimes went on to more specifically say, “Technically, it’s probably another year away, based on the math of our show. But whenever we decide it needs to happen, it’ll happen.”

Source: TV Line

Do you want a Defiance 2.0?