Scandal Spoilers: Will Olivia Pope Get Pregnant?

Scandal Spoilers: Will Olivia Pope Get Pregnant?

popeKerry Washington, the portrayer of TV's hottest fixer on ABC's Scandal is pregnant.

After the preggy news has been confirmed, speculations have been stirring up if Washington's character on Scandal, Olivia Pope will be expecting too. E! Online addressed this matter with the network and Scandal boss Shonda Rhimes in a report, read on for the scoop:

Sources tell E! News that ABC and executive producer Shonda Rhimes are in the early stages of figuring out how to address Washington's pregnancy on the show. However, one insider insists it's "unlikely" that Olivia Pope will get pregnant, saying, "It would slow Olivia and the show down." We are told the most likely scenario is that Washington's pregnancy will be hidden and the production schedule will be slightly altered if needed. So far, no changes have been made to the production schedule, aside from Kerry taking this week off to prepare for her hosting stint on Saturday Night Live this weekend.

The Emmy-nominated actress/ first mommy-to-be also shared her thoughts about Miss Pope getting pregnant, here's what she told E!:

"I don't know. God, those are Shonda questions! I really never know where the show is going. That's the part I love about television, you just don't know what the beginning the middle and end is going to be, so really anything can happen. Olivia can die, she can get married, she can get pregnant—anything can really happen."

'Scandal' airs every Thursday at 10PM on ABC.