Scandal Spoilers: Will Abby and David Get Back Together?

Scandal Spoilers: Will Abby and David Get Back Together?

david and abby ( Rosen is currently residing inside the office of OPA, which basically makes him homeless. Why didn't he just stay in Abby's place for Pete's sakes? Oh, right. They're just too wrong for each other.

But with all the pent-up sexual tension between David and Abby, it will be no surprise to witness them engage in a steamy hot scene after just a second of lustful eye contact. Duh, remember that angry sex we witnessed before? And please don't make me remind you about those salacious records from Huck's spy bug.

On that note, TV Guide turned to Darby Stanchfield who plays the strong-willed, Abby. Below, the actress answered the real score between David and Abby, their indefinite trust issues and her prediction on whether the two are soulmates. Watch out for the spoilers, gladiators!

Because the mole is still out there, presumably David will be spending more time at OPA. Will David and Abby finally confront each other about everything they've been through this season?
Stachfield: There's definitely some confrontation that goes on. Again, they're in close quarters in the office. He comes back to the office so it's hard to ignore the past. That comes bubbling up again and it's incredibly dysfunctional. They can't just come out to each other like adults, they have to hash it out and be scandalous.

Do you think David and Abby are meant to be?
Stanchfield: I do think they're meant to be. Much like Olivia and Fitz (Tony Goldwyn), they're in a really complicated situation. They work for two opposite sides — maybe not so much anymore, but there's been so much with the politics of Defiance and the Cytron voting memory card and Abby's loyalty to Liv. All of that has really complicated everything. It continues to create a distance between them. I think they totally dig each other. I also think Abby is really dysfunctional and doesn't really know how it works with a good guy, but she wants one. In a strange way, I think they're perfect together.

It seems like he's on track to join OPA, but do you think they can really trust him?
Stanchfield: Trust is one of the main themes in the series. As much as you could ask, "Could we ever really trust him?" -- [you could ask,] "Can he ever trust us?" We basically ruined his entire life. It goes both ways. OPA and David are circling each other and sniffing each other out. He has a lot to offer and has a lot of connections. He would be a great addition to OPA, but I think that both sides have trust issues. I think there's great potential and great amounts of drama if he actually does join OPA. I don't know how that would go for Abby and David. When we you work with someone you have a past with, it gets even more complicated.

Do you want Abby to be with David again?