Scandal Spoilers: Why Are the Grant Kids Visiting? Details Exposed!


An exciting spoiler abound in Scandal season 3's second half (returning Feb. 27) has been learned by Spoilers Guide. As you may have already know, Fitz and Mellie's kids, Jerry and Karen are coming to D.C., which in my own interpretation spells tons of D-R-A-M-A!

While the two roles are yet to be cast, TV Line has revealed some intel detailing the purpose of the kids' arrival. Read on and happy spoiling!

Jerry shows up with a chip on his shoulder that makes him less than receptive to talking the talk that’s being fed to him by a media consultant.

Karen, meanwhile, initially comes off as very much her mother’s daughter – she might even wonder aloud why Mellie puts up with that man — but said simpatico tune quickly changes when she finds out about [spoiler].