Scandal Spoilers: Who Shot The President??

Scandal Spoilers: Who Shot The President??

I have to admit that last week's episode of Scandal titled "Defiance" made me succumb for a few seconds of shock, not to mention my jaw dropping a few centimeters when Fitz was shot while he was heading to the gala's entrance. Well, any fan of Scandal must have experience the same I bet.

If you haven't watched the episode yet, here's a quick recap for you.

"Defiance" finally shed light on what really happened on that election that was alleged to be rigged/manipulated by the Illuminati club formed by Olivia, Cyrus, Mellie and the rest of them on that round table. Cyrus' husband James, who after having a realization that if they cannot have babies anytime soon, he'd rather be part of the biggest conspiracy theory inside the White House which can eventually get him D-E-A-D.

James started his scavenger hunt to pick up the pieces of the information David Rosen fed him. Soon enough, his quest for being a loose end for being a part of a national conspiracy paid off. In short, if this material doesn't make him "Journalist of the Year" then I don't know what else. Let's just hope that he makes it alive on the actual awards night.

Meanwhile, back in OPA, Abby and Harrison were on a stake out, well sort of, as they needed to baby sit a wealthy old man and his trophy wife because he was acting borderline insane. Quinn and Huck, on the other hand, stayed in the office where one of them made a pretty good "digging" on their own. Ofcourse, I was pertaining to Quinn. If I was talking about Huck, I could've used a more sophisticated language such as whisky and vodka.

Quinn was like "hypothetically Huck poison-this-and-poison-that" kind of woman on last week's installment. She made Huck believe that she was simply digging up information about the wealhty old man when in fact she revealed later on that she was doing some underground investigation on her "Lyndsay Dwyer" bombing case. Just a reminder Quinn, you know that Huck is really good at torturing people, right?

Back in the White House, Olivia Pope broke the President's heart as he browsed through a bunch of photos revealing her intimate relationship with Edison.

And then there was the big cliffhanger.. Fitz, who obviously still in the process of "taking it all in" with the Olivia/Edison thing chose to put on his poker face and mingle. But before he can even pose for the camera, a sniper shot came out of nowhere.

#whoshotfitz. Honestly guys, were you a part of this too? L-O-L

Now for the spoilers! E! Online had a recent chat with Mellie's portrayer, Bellamy Young. She teased about what's coming for us on next week's episode! Below is her revealing statement ---

"The hunt will be on for who shot the president! And don't worry too much about the fate of Fitz, as Young tells us there's plenty of drama still to come for the couple. There's the aftermath of my sweet husband being shot and my baby coming out in response to some of that.

And there will always be me trying to pull Fitz's heart back into our life instead of his life with Olivia. I hope. Mellie still has hope!"

What do you think people of Scandal, who do you think shot the president? Hit up the comments now!