Scandal Spoilers: Who Ordered Jake To Spy on Liv?

Scandal Spoilers: Who Ordered Jake To Spy on Liv?

205_foley_640In Scandal fashion, there will always be a hierarchy engineered at the back story of each character that comes and goes. A major example is assassin extraordinaire Becky. We conjectured soon after she shot Fitz that she was working for Hollis. This was before the show shocked us and revealed that it was "the old lady" Verna who has been pulling the strings.

Ten months later and we meet a new character that may put Olivia and her gladiators in suits spiraling out of their elements. Some fans call him as "Creepy Jake". I call him -- (pardon my pun) the man version of Carrie Matheson in Homeland. Carrie spying on Brody, Jake spying on Liv with full HD audio and visuals. Got the link?

The spoilers revealed below confirms that Jake isn't going solo on this whole espionage trip against Olivia Pope. Scott Foley, the portrayer of Jake has teased --

"Jake definitely isn't doing this on his own. He was hired by a group or a person to keep an eye on her and to find out something about her." Certainly his boss/es didn't anticipate that he'd fall for Olivia. That will be one interesting date.

Source: TV Guide

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