Scandal Spoilers: Which Gladiator Will Step-in for Olivia?

Scandal Spoilers: Which Gladiator Will Step-in for Olivia?

scandalWe're less than a month away from getting hooked-up yet again on ABC's Scandal. And as far as we know, the high-ranking series is about to introduce new faces from inside and out Miss Pope's orbit.

In case you missed, the show is currently casting Fitz and Mellie's kids: Jerry and Karen. So, yeah, that'll be interesting. I certainly wish one of them got into some egregious scandal only the great Olivia Pope can handle.

Speaking of such, we've got some pretty good spoiler related to the happenings inside the White House. Thanks to TV Line, actress Darby Stanchfield has shared that her character, Abby will be seen striding the halls of the POTUS' home in an upcoming episode. In case you're thinking it, nope, she and David will not be sneaking in to deal with their "old habits". Apparently, she's there for some real biz!

Read on for the latest:

I got Darby Stanchfield to elaborate for me – a bit – on the scenes she recently filmed with a cast member she’d never worked with before. “It has to do with the other world, the White House world,” she said of the first-time pairing. “It’s a role that Abby’s not used to being in, but sometimes Olivia Pope is busy and short-staffed. so Abby’s got to step in. It made for some really nice scenes.”

'Scandal' returns Feb 27 at 10PM ET on ABC.