Scandal Spoilers: What's Next For David, Abby and Quinn?

Scandal Spoilers: What's Next For David, Abby and Quinn?

Josh Malina and Katie Lowes was interviewed by E! Online about the future happenings around our favorite characters in Scandal season 2! Here are the statements from them, watch out for spoilers guys!

Will the gang find out about David and Abby?

Eventually, I’m sure. And says Lowes, “let’s just say it causes massive conflict in the office if or when it is discovered.”

David and Abby = is it a one time thing?

My guess? No. But Lowes is a little more coy: “You’ll definitely see in the coming weeks if their relationship is one for immediate pleasure or something deeper.”

Will David ever get a backstory episode?

“I’d definitely be into it,” says Malina. Though, as of now, plans are for David to stay hot on Olivia’s trail (and possibly in a hot frenemies with benefits situation with Abby). And Malina doesn’t see David being thrown off his path by anyone or anything. “I really think [David]’s one of the few characters with clean hands. I think in the ‘My white hat is bigger than your white hat,’ I think he’s winning. Olivia’s white hat is at least 50 shades of grey. David so far is the one who can basically say my hands are clean.”

Is David in danger now that he’s figuring things out?

Definitely, I say. But Malina has a somewhat less panicked reaction. “I think any time you go up against Olivia your character is in some sort of danger [but] don’t know if it’s mortal. She’s a very difficult person to get ahead of, and so I think it’s dangerous to take her on.”

'Scandal' season 2 airs every Thursday on ABC.