Scandal Spoilers: What Is Olivia's Next Step Against Her Monster Mom?

liv"He's not the monster, she is".. are Oliva Pope's final words on last Thursday's episode of Scandal "YOLO".

The episode, which was beautifully scored with Michael Jackson's "Ben", has yet again shocked us with one major revelation. Khandi Alexander's introduction as Olivia Pope's long-lost mother is more beefed-up than we had expected. Turns out, Rowan, whom we all thought is the bad guy, is totally not. Ok, maybe 50-50.

In the final moments of YOLO, as young Olivia answered the phone, we were left to believe that Maya aka Marie Wallace is now one of this season's villain.

When we tune in on the fall finale, how will Olivia take her mother's dirty little secret? (Seriously, is there anything else Shonda Rhimes (creator) has been keeping from us?)

Check out the latest spoilers from TV Guide:

Olivia & Co. will do everything in their power to track down the truth about Mama Pope. Naturally, Rowan will be one avenue for answers, but he'll be preoccupied by a very unexpected standoff where his words will cut someone deeper than that hole he threw Huck and Jake in.

Here's the promo for Scandal's fall finale titled "A Door Marked Exit":