Scandal Spoilers: What Is Olivia's Involvement In Abby's Past?

Scandal Spoilers: What Is Olivia's Involvement In Abby's Past?

scandal_darby_stanchfieldOlivia is a master fixer. If there's an awarding body who gives recognition to people who saves a person's insanity by the end of the day, the biggest achievement award will indubitably land the mighty hands of Olivia Pope. For starters, Quinn wouldn't be the person she is today without Liv coming in to rescue her.

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Now that the character history spotlight is pointing to Abby, there is a fair chance that Liv also plays a major role on her back story. TV Guide asked Darby Stanchfield about the subject of her character's past pre-gladiator in suits days.

Find out what the actress has teased:

Are we going to learn more about Abby's background before the season ends?
Stanchfield: I hope so. The fact that we recently found out that Abby was not only in an abusive marriage, but that it was a politically arranged marriage? To me, that's teasing a whole story line that would be really fun to explore. There's a lot of intrigue there. It would add so many layers to present-day Abby because it would inform why her hair is stick straight and she has such an attitude.

And it seems like there might be an indication that Olivia may have had a hand in her arranged relationship.
Stanchfield: Yeah. There could be more about Abby not knowing. That's right! You're thinking like [executive producer] Shonda Rhimes. Have you been sitting in the writers' room? Are you the mole?

What are your theories on Abby's history?