Scandal Spoilers: What Happens Next After the SHOCKING Twist? Shonda Rhimes Speaks!

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February 10, 2013

How do I even begin to describe my feelings for last Thursday’s episode of Scandal titled “Nobody Likes Babies”? Let’s see, mulling over the events, all I can retain vividly was Cyrus and James’ au naturale scene (sporadically shuddering, fyi) and ofcourse the biggest twist — that is Fitz becoming a murderer!

The writers are definitely going waay too dark in depicting political characters on the show. But for whatever its worth, it’s definitely entertaining!

Discerning TV Guide‘s interview with showrunner Shonda Rhimes, I learned that the next episode airing on Feb. 14 will not pick-up from where we left off. In lieu, the show is making a time-jump — ten months after to be exact. Pardon my pun but my hopes in finding Olivia Pope lying on her bathroom floor ala Izzie Stevens in Grey’s Anatomy has been put-off again.

So spoilers wise, no sobfest for Olivia Pope over her president lover on the next episode, and also most probably no hunting images of Verna Thorne hovering at the White House. The excerpt from the Q&A are below, spoil away my fellow Scandal junkies!

Are the remaining members of the Illuminati now off the hook for being formally charged with election rigging?
David has painted himself into a corner and gotten himself into a hole that he can probably never get out of. He’s probably no longer the threat that he was. For now, things are peaceful. We’re coming into the next episode not suggesting that everything is fine, but when you come back 10 months later, you see where things have gotten.

How is Fitz a different president now knowing this and having murdered Verna?
The betrayal he experienced was really damaging, more so from Olivia than anybody else. Mainly because Olivia, the one person who believed in him, voting to rig the election, basically said, “Everything your father ever said about you is true,” in psychobabble terms. For him, it’s a really damaging moment. He’s a different kind of president. I think, in a weird way, he might be a better president because he has just a different attitude towards everything. He’s definitely doing a lot of this on his own, which I think is interesting. Who he feels like he can lean on and who he can trust comes into play when we come back in this next episode. You really see them all dealing with: Is Fitz confident now?

Fitz is staying with Mellie?! Why does she get a pass? Is it because he expects something like this from her?
I think there are two things. One, you know that Mellie is a monster in his mind … so it doesn’t hurt when Mellie does something like this because that’s who Mellie is. He thought Liv was somebody else and something else. He thought it wasn’t about him being president, that it was about her caring about him. It wasn’t about ambition and the search for power. It was about their relationship. Two, I also think that in the guilt that comes from having killed Verna, [he feels that] Mellie [is] all he deserves. That’s what that was about. When he says, “No matter who I am and what I’ve done,” Mellie can’t judge because she’s just as bad in a lot of ways.

How is Olivia dealing with her role in this betrayal 10 months down the road?
What I love about Olivia Pope is that she’s still Olivia Pope and she’s found her ways to cope with this and deal with it. We come back 10 months later and the wounds are that much deeper — they’re 10 months deeper, not 10 months healed, for all of them. But everybody is coping. Olivia is not a curl-up-in-the-corner-and-cry kind of person. She’s doing what needs to be done. She actually has a scene where she talks about how she’s coping. And she is, very well. That relationship is never going to go away.

What was the decision behind the 10-month jump?
Ten months feel like just the right amount of time for Olivia and Fitz not to be catatonic. It just felt right emotionally, and a political season could’ve gone by and people have gotten their act together. You come back in the middle of things and discover where people are emotionally and what’s happened to them. You discover what’s happened to David since you left him.

What can you tell us about the charge to the finale in the second half of the season?
It’s an off-shoot of, and part of the consequences of, Defiance, in a way. That’s how it begins, anyway. It’s something that grows larger and is more twisted than you’d expect. We introduce Scott Foley’s character, [Jake Weston], in the first episode back. He’s got a pretty great entrance, and he turns out to be a really interesting character from the moment we meet him to the moment we leave him at the end of the episode. He’s a very complex and interesting character who’s going to shake things up for us a little bit.

Any truth to the rumor that he may be a love interest for Olivia?
That’s an interesting rumor. It’s possible. I don’t know that Olivia is emotionally ready to have a love interest at this point.

Speaking of her love life, is Edison (Norm Lewis) gone for good?
I never say anybody is gone for good on this show because you never know. Will we be seeing him any time in the foreseeable future? Not for a little while.

Since you say the second half of the season is a consequence of the first half, could we see the return of Governor Reston (Tom Amandes), whom Fitz stole the presidency from?
I don’t think the second half is a consequence in a way that you think, but it’s possible that we could see Governor Reston. It’s interesting because Reston is a murderer himself, so it’s not like he’s the most delightful guy in the world who should’ve been president. We like Governor Reston and he was a great foil, so it’s possible we might see him.

Turning to Cyrus, he almost had his own husband (Dan Bucatinsky) killed and he had Amanda Tanner (Liza Weil) killed. When does he start paying for these sins?
I don’t know that he does. We’re not telling a moral story here where at the end, people get their just deserts. Not yet anyway and not for a very long time. A lot of the time, Cyrus is one of our protagonists. You’re rooting for Cyrus. Sometimes Cyrus is our villain, but sometimes he’s not, so I don’t necessarily know that Cyrus pays for anything.

Will he have to be accountable to Fitz for the election rigging?
I think they’re all paying for that, including Fitz. Part of what Thursday’s episode was about was that nobody is all good and nobody is all bad. Everybody in this world is light and dark. So they’re all paying for it in their own way.

Quinn made the choice to stay with the Gladiators, but will she finally get some closure?
When we come back, Quinn has taken a really interesting journey. Huck [Guillermo Diaz] has really taken her under his wing and is training her to do what he does right now. So you come back to a fairly different Quinn. She’s a lot darker than she was and she’s much more his right hand. We’ve had a lot of fun with these episodes watching the evolution of Quinn as she works with Huck. It’s been really nice to see. She’s not as naïve as she was, her innocence is gone and she’s let it go.

1) What did you think of Cyrus and James’ naked showdown?
2) What are your thoughts about Fitz’ murder of Verna?

  • Lorella

    He could have done anything, but becoming a murderer! It is completely out of his character, he has been depicted all these year in a certain way, and despite of all the anger and frustration and rage he felt for having been betrayed by the only person that counts in his life, he couldn’t kill anyone. All the talking about playing fair during the campaign, all the “you know me” in the Amanda Tanner situation, and now he kills????? It is not believable and to tell the truth rather disturbing, you have enough villains already in the show, you don’t need another one, on the contrary, more than ever you need a voice that rises above the corrupted background.

    Cinematically speaking it is almost impossible to redeem the hero from such an action, you can get back from anything, but you can’t get back from murder.


  • Cindy22

    Frankly speaking, I’m really pissed at the writers for turning Fitz into a murderer because it goes against everything they made us believe he is. I understand even the best of us have a dark side but come on…MURDER? Our Fitzgerald Grant III, a MURDERER? Really, Shonda? Was that your way of testing us (fans) how far our loyalty to Fitz would go? That was really off-character but I’m still on Fitz’s ship. I ain’t going anywhere because I’m not watching Scandal to judge anyone. I watch it because it is f**king entertaining and the casts are amazing. Also, I am addicted to the show because of the hottest secret couple in DC…hahaha. Olitz will always have my full support as long as they remain madly in love and Fitz doesn’t commit a SECOND murder. Get my message, Shonda?

    Thanks to Shanda for reassuring us (Olitz shippers) that their relationship is NEVER going to go away so I forgive you for shocking the hell out of me by derailing Fitz’s character.

  • Ann

    People do all kinds of things when they are enraged and feel pushed to the wall. Verna tried to murder Fitz and she was right on the verge of taking away his presidency by disclosing everything to David Rosen. Having been elected President is extremely important to him and to have it publicly exposed that he did not really win is not something he could handle. Fitz’s behavior was shocking and very disturbing but these characters are being revealed layer by layer and I don’t think we know everything yet about what they are and are not capable of. There are lot of real “villains” in Washington and the fact that everyone of Scandal’s characters has a dark side is not at all surprising.

  • marna

    I don’t see how Fitz is pissed off at everyone else for rigging the election, since when he was backed up in the corner he did the same thing. He put himself and his presidency above everything… isn’t that what mellie, cyrus and liv did for him? it’s a little late to take the high road and i think shonda is playing with our minds… I understand that when love is realized might not be so entertaining to watch for some people, but it’s becoming tiresome to wait for olitz to be together…

  • GatorGirl

    It IS off character, that is EXACTLY the point! Fitz just got shot in the Brain, Remember? The old Fitz would Never have murdered Verna… even though she tried to murder Him. This Fitz is volatile, unpredictable, dangerous, Damaged. And he needs the help of the people he trusts LEAST. Should prove to be an amazing storyline:D

  • GatorGirl

    Fitz has a Brain injury… I think it has significantly altered his personality. Question now is how much of our OLD Fitz will we get back… and when and if the old Fitz does return, will he be able to live with all the decisions that New Fitz made.